Sunday, May 7, 2017

As to the Sex...

"Woman, they say was only made of man, Methinks 'tis strange they should be so unlike,
It may be all the best was cut away To make the woman, and nought was left behind with him."
Beaumont and Fletcher.
         By the unanimous consent of rhetoricians, there is but one sex: the sex, the fair sex, the unfair sex, the gentle sex, the barbaric sex. We men do not form a sex, we do not even form a sect. We are your mere hangers-on, camp-followers, satellites--your things, your playthings--we are the mere shuttlecocks which you toss hither and thither with your battledores, as the wanton mood impels you. We are born of woman, we are swaddled and nursed by woman, we are governessed by woman, consequently we are beguiled by woman, fooled by woman, led on, put off, tantalized by woman, fretted and bullied by her; finally, last scene of all, we are wrapped in our cerements by woman. Man's life, birth, death turn upon woman as upon a hinge. Henry Harland.

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