Wedding Albums

scrapbook, compose a book, keep a collection, make a record
       Traditionally, wedding albums, were crafted in order to preserve personal and family history in the form of a scrapbook. Typical memorabilia included photographs, printed media, and artwork. Old wedding scrapbooks also frequently contained family genealogy. 
       Scrapbooking is still a popular practiced pastime in the United States, even women who do not ordinarily craft their own scrapbooks, will often have a wedding day photo album, book or video packed away among her keepsakes, and if she has attentive bridesmaids or family members, these books will also contain journal entries, sample invitations, photos from showers and listings of gifts received included with them. 
       I will collect here a variety of artifacts visitors may use for embellishing a wedding photo album, invitations, ceremonies, book or wedding scrapbook. All poetry and verse included here will be in the public domain.

Poems in The Public Domain:
Bridal Clip Art by Kathy Grimm:

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