Wedding Customs

Wedding customs and tradition throughout history
Wedded by Leighton.
 "By general consent the wedding day is considered to be the happiest episode in life. An event so rich in human interest, a day so universally filled with feasting and merrymaking, ought to furnish a subject that would call forth the best efforts of the poet, the painter, and the novelist. Singularly enough, the wedding is a topic of which artists and writers seem to be rather wary. As the result of an exhaustive search through all available data, the assertion is ventured that of the many thousands of paintings in existence in Europe and America not more than one hundred and eighty have as their theme incidents of the wedding day. Poets are even more reluctant to treat of the nuptial day than their brethren of the palette and brush, and novelists are scarcely less so." C. F. Carter

       To gather the choicest of these wedding-day masterpieces of painter, poet, novelist, and historian is one of the primary objectives of our blog. So sit back and enjoy our ever expanding list of articles on the subject.

Before & During The Wedding:
After The Wedding: Who settled the naming of the anniversaries of the wedding day is not known, but it was a happy thought; for it is a charming idea to celebrate the different wedding anniversaries by entertaining one's friends in some novel way.

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