Monday, November 13, 2017

For The Easter Bride, 1911

       The bridal costume is always one of deepest interest. Here is a model that is charming in the extreme. In the illustration satin is combined with lace and with chemisette of chiffon, and there is a bunch of orange blossoms arranged at the left of the corsage. The arrangement of the veil is distinctive and new.
       The blouse is one of  the very new ones, giving the surplice effect, and with a postillion back. It includes double sleeves as well as the fichu is made of lace flouncing. The skirt is simple chiffon for the chemisette and puffed under sleeves.
       There are many brides-to-be who would delight in embroidering their own wedding veils, and the work will be found both easy and effective. To make a good-sized square veil, four yards of Brussels net are required. (newspaper, 1911)

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